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Roasted Seaweed

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  • South Korea South Korea
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  • Item : Roasted Seaweed (yakinori : F10)   
  • Package : 20g x 50pack / CTN   
  • Measure : 420 x 265 x 230mm   
  • Min Quantity : 50 CTNS   
  • Ingredient : Seaweed 

Laver(Seaweed) is a wonderful spiced sea plant. This plant is usually dried, spiced, and then rolled into thin sheets like brittle green paper. Roasted Seaweed(Yakinori)is very suitable for Japanese restaurants as it has been strictly selected from the Purity-National Sea Zone.

If you eat much seaweed, it will protect you from cancer and make your hair shinny.               
Moreover, it is very good for health as it rarely has caloric value. It is best for people who are sick from sanguine temperament, palsy, anemia, and hard breathing.               
If also can prevent arterial sclerosis. It contains Vitamin B2 as much as do fish or meat.               
The Vitamin E in seaweed is effective for slowing the aging process while preventing the over-oxidization of essential fat.